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Pearland Probate Attorney

There is no time more hectic or tragic than when a loved one has passed.  There are so many things to do and precious little time for grieving. 

At the Kersh Law Firm we do everything to ensure that our clients, who have recently suffered the loss of loved one, receive the most effective and efficient asset transfer possible. Our firm handles and facilitates all areas of estate administration and probate proceedings. 

At the Kersh Law Firm we advise administrators and executors on the settlement and distributions of estate assets.   The probate of a Will or Administration of an estate requires an experienced probate lawyer to guide you through the process.

Rest assured, at the Kersh Law Firm we will resolve your issues in a sensible and effective manner. If you are an executor, administrator, beneficiary, or other party who needs help navigating this process, give us a call.  We would be honored to assist you.