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461st Judicial District Court

What a world of difference the newly formed 461st Judicial District Court  has made to the practice of family law in Brazoria County. Along, with the 300th Judicial District Court, Brazoria County has come of age in the arena of family law.  Brazoria County has needed an additional family law court for years.  It's finally here.

The newly formed court is presided over by Judge Patrick Bulanek. Judge Bulanek was originally appointed to the bench by Gov. Abbot to the 461st and is now running unopposed for the seat.


I have known Judge Bulanek for many years and can tell you that he will do a fantastic job as judge of the 461st. Judge Bulanek is well experienced in family law and is as fair and compassionate a person as you will find. I have tried cases against Judge Bulanek during his days as a lawyer and I know that he will stand by his word. Judge Bulanek served very well in many cases as an Amicus attorney representing the best interest of children. He will without a doubt bring that experience to the bench and make rulings that uphold a child’s best interest.

Judge Bulanek formed an A-Team staff for the 461st. Heather Canady serves as the Court Coordinator and Sarah Caldwell is the designated court reporter. I think everyone would agree that there could not be a better support staff created for the new court.  

As a practicing Brazoria County Family Lawyer I'm thrilled to hear that the early returns on the 461st have been nothing short of incredible from both lawyers and litigants.

You can contact the 461st Judicial Court here.

Published January 14, 2020 by Shane

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