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Dividing Spousal Assets During a Divorce in Texas

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Kersh Family Law Firm primarily serve Pearland and Houston, Texas, as well as communities in Brazoria and Harris Counties.  Dividing marital property is part of divorce wether you are in Pearland or Houston.

Dividing assets is a part of a divorce decree or annulment. The court order will divide the estate, real and personal property, and community property. The property factors are based on date of acquisition. Income and earnings from the spouses’ property, wages, salaries, and other forms of compensation may also be partitioned or exchanged when dividing assets.

The process of dividing assets can be accomplished by an informal settlement agreement or a mediated settlement agreement reached by both parties.

Even the most agreeable divorce includes stress, disruption, and change. Shane strives to help you identify key issues and discoverable information related to assets and rights, and determine the most optimal pathway through your specific divorce.

Shane will personally handle your divorce with skill and compassion and with the appropriate attention, whether the situation should be “handled with care” or with bold, aggressive representation. We will keep you informed throughout the process, and your help will be vital in providing necessary documentation and a history of events.

Divorce normally requires dividing assets acquired during the marriage but is not limited to assets that were existing prior to the marriage.  When you start down the road of a divorce and dividing assets you need to realize that your marriage is rapidly shifting to a business and legal arrangement.   

Whether your divorce ultimately involves mediation, jury trial or bench trial, informal settlement, and child custody and visitation, Shane has experienced and is equipped to serve your needs related to child support, property division, and spousal maintenance.

One of the first issues to disclose when working with Shane during your initial consultation will be if there are any existing marital agreements.  Marital agreements, including prenuptial agreements entered prior to marriage and marital property agreements entered into during a marriage) are valuable tools for preserving rights related to your property from division upon a divorce or distribution/inheritance upon death. Marital property agreements are of prime importance to individuals entering into a second or subsequent marriage, especially where there are children from a previous marriage or partnership.

If you are exploring divorce contact our Pearland or Houston Texas Offices to schedule a consultation with Shane and our family law team.  Call us today at 713-980-5291.


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