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In Texas what orders are subject to modification?


A court with continuing, exclusive jurisdiction may modify an order that provides for the conservatorship, support, or possession of and access to a child.

To get a modification started in the State of Texas, your attorney will file a Citation and Petition to Modify Parent-Child Relationship with the court in the county where the lawsuit has jurisdiction. Next, the Citation and Petition will be served to the other party and/or to his or her counsel.

Under certain circumstances, the court may render Temporary Orders while the modification is pending. The purpose of Temporary Orders is to protect the best interest of the child. This type of order needs to show that it is necessary because the child’s present circumstances would significantly impair the child’s physical health or emotional development.

Modification orders can determine who has sole managing conservatorship or joint managing conservatorship. The orders can determine specific possession and access schedules of each party with the child as well as determine who can designate the primary residence of the child. Modification of child support can also be established if it meets certain criteria.

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