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Shane Kersh-My Journey Through Law School

Shane Kersh-My Journey Through Law School  It wasn't easy, but somehow I made it.  I started with nothing and made it through law school in one piece.   

Pearland Probate Attorney | Muniment of Title

Published 11/23/2020 by Shane Kersh Understanding Muniment of Title in Texas What is it?  A Muniment of Title is a legal term for a document, title, deed, or other evidence that indicates ownership of an asset. In Texas, a court may admit a Will to probate as a muniment of title if the court is satisfied that the Will should be admitted to pro...
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Pearland Probate Lawyer | Introduction to Probate

Published 11/20/2020 by Shane Kersh Introduction to Probate Do not fear probate! Texas has a simple, streamlined process (compared with other states). Why do people say they want to avoid probate? Do people need the best probate attorney possible?  Of course!! Time consuming Slow Costly Public Purpose of the probate process: The ultimate goal ...
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Pearland Probate Attorney | Prepare For Your First Probate Case

Published November 2, 2020 by Shane Kersh It is always a difficult time if you are dealing with a probate issue.  Usually, this involves the death or incapacity of a loved one.  In order to make things a little less difficult we wanted to provide you with a list of items to have available during your initial consultation. The process of p...
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What happens during a Texas Divorce

 So what does a Texas divorce really mean?!? Published March 15, 2020 by Shane Kersh There are usually three main parts to a Texas divorce with children.  First, is the dissolution of the marriage either, with or without a fault ground. Second, would be the just and right division of the marital estate, along with confirmation of any sepa...
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What is happening with Texas Family Law Courts during COVID-19

How are Texas Family Law Courts being conducted during COVID-19 Shelter in Place  Published April 15, 2020 by Shane Kersh There have been lost of questions about how family law courts are being conducted during the COVID-19 shelter in place. For the most part, the courts are closed for hearings and trials that were originally set, and are not ...
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Dividing Spousal Assets During a Divorce in Texas

Kersh Family Law Firm primarily serve Pearland and Houston, Texas, as well as communities in Brazoria and Harris Counties.  Dividing marital property is part of divorce wether you are in Pearland or Houston. Dividing assets is a part of a divorce decree or annulment. The court order will divide the estate, real and personal property, and commu...
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Understanding Child Support in Texas

Texas has specific regulations regarding child support whether you live in Pearland or Houston, Texas.  Even with child support regulations clearly stated in the Texas Family Code there are many parents that may not understand their parental rights or financial obligations.  Shane has family law offices in both Pearland and Houston Texas....
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