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Even the best Family Law Attorney will tell you that divorce does happen to good people.  Divorce will happen to people you know.  Divorce will happen to your friends and neighbors.

Should divorce happen to you, an experienced Brazoria County divorce attorney is what you will need to find.   Kersh Law Firm is exclusively devoted to the practice of family law in Brazoria County, Fort Bend County and Harris County.   It is our mission to provide comprehensive legal advice and strategy to each case and exceptional customer service to our clients.

Pearland Family Lawyer

Our family law practice helps people through difficult times, all the while aiming for the best possible outcomes.  Our extensive divorce trial experience benefits you during divorce mediation; we negotiate from a position of strength, knowing we are well prepared and capable of litigating powerfully for you if necessary.

Our goal is to educate you to what is legally possible, then help you reach an appropriate agreement with your opposing party. However, we remain your advocate and we will zealously go to trial on your behalf when necessary.

Many of our cases often involve complex disputes– and we’re comfortable with that. Valuations of family businesses, interstate custody disputes, and complex stock and bond portfolios are familiar matters. We will prepare your case carefully for mediation or litigation.  We have a large network of experts and technology available to help you protect your interests.  

Whether your case requires skilled negotiation, mediation or assertive representation at trial, Kersh Law Firm has the legal knowledge and Texas courtroom experience to protect your interests.

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